Bill Dennis, NLLLC Fisheries Representative; Margie Lewis, Executive Director NLLLC; Julia Dyke, Project Coordinator NLLLC attending the AAG meeting in Moncton NB in June 2018

NLLLC is pleased to announce the Essential Skills for the Atlantic Fisheries Project. This project, funded by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC), is a pan- Atlantic partnership with Literacy Coalition New Brunswick (LCNB), Literacy Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island Literacy Alliance (PEILA). This initiative is to address literacy and essential skills needs within the fisheries and aquaculture sector in Atlantic Canada. It is a 33 month pilot project that will take an innovative approach in addressing the labour market challenges faced within the Atlantic fisheries sector. It is the hope to create an effective training model that will be transferable to other jurisdictions to help with sustainability within the sector. An Atlantic Advisory Group has been appointed to guide the planning and implementation of this project. We are happy to say that Bill Dennis, Newfoundland & Labrador Fisheries Development Officer, has been appointed as representative from Newfoundland & Labrador.

We are also excited to announce that Julia Dyke has been contracted as Project Coordinator for the Essential Skills for the Atlantic Fisheries Project. Julia has experience as a Program Coordinator, Industry Liaison and Employment Counselor. She has proven success when connecting job seekers and employers and has a firm belief in community and working together. Julia understands the employment and literacy challenges facing both employers and potential employees. She is excited and confident that her skills and experience will help bridge some of this gap within the fisheries sector. Julia will be developing a Community Advisory Group to help address these challenges within the fisheries sector. She will be contacting local community organizations and those currently working within the fisheries and aquaculture sector. Any community member interested in being a part of this group are encouraged to contact Julia. You can contact her at:

With the fishing industry being the largest private sector employee in Atlantic Canada, we are excited and positive that this project will be a success!

Bill Dennis, Fisheries Development Officer (Newfoundland) presenting on the NL Fisheries sector at the AAG meeting in Moncton, NB; June 2018