About Us

Helping Individuals Reach Their Full Literatacy Potential

Who We Are

Serving Newfoundland & Labrador Since 1986


The Newfoundland and Labrador Laubach Literacy Council, Inc. is a provincial organization that will provide programs and resources to all NLLLC councils to assist individuals (adults, youth and families) with their reading, writing, basic numeracy and computer skills, as a step towards achieving their life goals.


Newfoundland and Labrador Laubach Literacy Council Inc. will assist students in raising their literacy levels and achieve their goals in ever-changing environments.

Charitable Registration # 886052596RR0001 | NLLLC receives funding from the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador


What We Do

Through our outreach efforts across Newfoundland and Labrador, we identify and offer help to individuals who want to improve their literacy levels, as well as recruiting tutors and trainers to aid us in our goals.

In addition to recruiting Students, Tutors, and Trainers, we offer ongoing support for them as we all help achieve our literacy goals. Support may include training, supplying of materials, or access to various facilities.

Each year we organize or participate in a variety of training workshops, seminars, and literacy conferences. In keeping with the spirit of lifelong learning, even our trainers and tutors expand on their skills and learn the latest educational approaches.

Your education doesn’t stop when you graduate from school or retire from work. We believe learning is a lifelong process, and that a lifetime of continued learning will enhance your life at any age.

We offer free access to a variety of learning materials at facilities across the province, and online. We partner with other literacy councils and organizations in Newfoundland and Labrador in order to provide books, training guides, access to computers, and the use of facilities.

In addition to our outreach activities and regular programming, we team up with and support other literacy councils across Newfoundland and Labrador.


We believe that if you can read, you can teach somebody else to read. Thus, if you’re reading this you can have an immense, positive impact in someone’s life!