Essential Skills – Atlantic Fisheries Project (ESAF)

Essential Skills for the Atlantic Fisheries Project, funded by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC), is a pan- Atlantic partnership with Literacy Coalition New Brunswick (LCNB), Literacy Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island Literacy Alliance (PEILA). This initiative is to address literacy and essential skills needs within the fisheries and aquaculture sector in Atlantic Canada.

ESAF is a pilot project that will take an innovative approach in addressing the labour market challenges faced within the Atlantic fisheries sector. It is the hope to create an effective training model that will be transferable to other jurisdictions to help with sustainability within the sector.

By supporting individuals who will receive training and on the job work experience to help them be successful and maintain employment, we are hoping to help close the gap between employers and employees in the fishing sector.

If you are interested in learning more about the project Contact Jennifer Brake, ESAF Project Coordinator.

Click the links below to access the ESAF Final Evaluation Report and the ESAF Final Report

ESAF Final Report (Sept 27, 2021)_French_FV

ESAF Final Report (Sept 27, 2021)_English

ESAF Final Evaluation Report – March 2021 – Final_French_FINAL 2021 07 13

ESAF Final Evaluation Report – March 2021 English

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