Essential Skills – Have You Used Yours Today?

Training Tools for Older Adults

Essential Skills – Have You Used Yours Today?

The Essential Skills Literacy: Training Tools for Older Adults project, undertaken by the Newfoundland and Labrador Laubach Literacy Council Inc. (NLLLC) has resulted in the development of a teaching and learning resource entitled Essential Skills – Have You Used Yours Today?. This project was funded by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, through the Office of Literacy and Essential Skills.

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Essential Skills – Have You Used Yours Today? is a complete teaching and learning package designed to help adult learners increase their literacy and essential skills in order to make easier transitions to a new workforce or adapt to changing technology on the job. The training package curriculum was developed based on key knowledge and practical skills for everyday living and working. The package consists of a Training Manual, Tutor Handbook, User Guide, Tutor Guides and Student Skill Books for the following modules:

ES 101

The first module of the series was developed for those with beginning literacy skills and complements the Laubach Way to Reading Series (LWRS) Book One. Learners are taught the nine essential skills and their applications. They are introduced to basic numeracy skills and basic documents that are used every day such as a shopping list, cheques, and uncomplicated job application forms. Computer use is optional for this module.

ES 102

This module is a standalone resource but can be used with LWRS Book 2. Learners are taught practical skills such as telephone etiquette, postage, and time zones. Computer exercises in this module are optional but are encouraged.

ES 103

This module introduces the learner to more advanced applications of essential skills. It teaches budgeting, calculating taxes and tips for services and comparison shopping. Tools for employment preparation such as job interviews, post-secondary education applications, job applications, resumes, cover letters and tools for work such as charts, and tables are used throughout this module.

ES 2010

This standalone module focuses on developing practical computer skills. It starts with teaching basic computer concepts such terminology and the components of a computer and progresses to more advanced computer applications. Learners are taught keyboarding skills, how to create documents and folders and how to file, retrieve, and edit documents. The module provides lessons on how to access and navigate the Internet, download applications, create and maintain an email account, and how to use online banking and online job searches.

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We are very grateful that you are interested in Essential Skills – Have You Used Yours Today? Because the materials are newly developed, we are eager to share them with you and we welcome feedback. We are truly pleased to offer the Tutor Handbook, User Guide, Tutor Guides and Student Skill Books to literacy practitioners as an effective tool for increasing essential skills whether in one-on-one tutoring or group learning environments. We encourage you to share this package with others!

Digital copies of these materials can be downloaded for use free of charge by applying for access to the download page.

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