Each year Newfoundland and Labrador Laubach Literacy Council acknowledges the achievements of our students through the Student of the Year award. Aggie Snook of Stephenville has been selected to receive the Newfoundland and Labrador Laubach Literacy Council Student of the Year Achievement Award for 2012. Aggie was nominated for this award by her tutor Patricia Woodrow and the effort that went into the nomination submission itself showed how very proud Patricia is of Aggies’ accomplishments.

This award is presented annually to Laubach learners who have made significant progress in learning. Aggie, with a nudge from her sister Sarah (who won this award in 2009), began accessing the one-on-one tutoring program offered at the Bay St. George Literacy Council in 2009. Since then, Aggie has been so committed to learning and spends up to and sometimes more than 6 hours a week with her tutor, working on improving her skills.

She has made considerable progress in improving her skills in reading, math and computer use and is currently working her way through Challenger 7. Not only has Aggie improved her own computer skills, she has been instrumental in helping improve the computer skills of others. She was one of the students who took part in the pilot to test the computer module for Essential Skills: Have you used your’s today?, a part of the Essential Skills Traing:Tools for older adults project that we carried out in 2010 thanks to funding from the Office of Literacy and Essential Skills. As a result of her work, and of other students who tested this material, many other students have been able to achieve their goals. In addition, Aggie has been part of many literacy events and participated in our AGM conferences where she shares her love for life-long learning with other students. She is truly an individual that shows commitment and enthusiasm. And if you consider the additional two hours it often took her to get to many of her tutoring sessions not to mention her walks through all kinds of weather, you can definitely see these attributes from this amazing student.

In recognition of her dedication to learning and for being an inspiration to others, it is fitting, that her achievements be recognized provincially.