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Become A Literacy Volunteer And Share Your Gift Of Literacy With Others!

We are actively recruiting volunteer literacy tutors across Newfoundland and Labrador. We believe that if you can read, you can teach somebody else to read. Thus, if you're reading this you can have an immense, positive impact in someone's life. You don’t need to be a teacher to tutor, just value the right to read and write. We offer tutor training workshops to volunteers and groups engaged in helping adults improve their literacy skills. Our training includes: orientation to literacy, reading and writing strategies, learning styles, teaching materials, getting started and lesson planning. If you have a few hours a week to help another person reach their potential, NLLLC needs you. Please contact us to find out about volunteer opportunities in your area or call us to find out how to get involved as a council or committee member.

Make a donation

We recognize that it is critical to ensure that everyone has access to literacy services and opportunities to reach their full literate potential. Because of this fact we make our services available free of charge to all of our program participants and our trained tutors are provided with all materials required to help them. Depending on the literacy level and needs of the learners, supplies may cost anywhere from $25 to $500 per person. Your donation to NLLLC can have a positive impact on our literacy programs across Newfoundland and Labrador including our Summer Reading for Fun program which offers free one-on-one tutoring for school children, as well as our Adult Literacy program which offers free one-on-one tutoring to adults who wish to improve their basic functional skills in reading, writing, speaking, listening, numeracy and other essential skills.

You can make a donation by:

*Please note: Contact us directly to obtain our banking information or directions for e-mail money transfers. If you require a receipt for your donation for tax deduction purposes please print, complete and send a Charitable Donation Request Form when you make your donation.

Print the Charitable Donation Request Form (PDF file PDF )

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